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Our Fees and Funding

We at J F Batula Solicitors ensure that all our charges and fees are clear and transparent from the beginning of and throughout the lifespan of a matter. Our fees will of course vary depending on the experience and seniority of the solicitors handling the matter and the complexity of the matter. Our fees and pricing are set out below underneath the area/s of law involved – and unless stated, all fees relate to one application/matter for one individual only. Our fees and different from and additional to any disbursements (payments) made to third parties. Some third parties may charge value added tax (“vat”) at on their costs/fees.


Immigration Appeals to First Tier Tribunal up to one hearing only – (for lodging grounds, preparing the case, preparing appeal bundle…excluding Advocacy) – £1500 to £4000. Immigration Appeals Upper Tribunal up to one hearing only (for lodging grounds of appeal, preparing the case … excluding Advocacy) – £1500 to £4000. 

Application for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK – £1500 to £2000 Applications under Private Life route (20 years long residence, 7 years continuous residence by a child, including discretionary leave etc) – £1,500 to £2000 

Judicial Review – £2000 to £4,000 excluding Advocacy and disbursements 

Application for Naturalisation – £700 to £1,200 

Application for leave to enter or remain in the UK as family members of a person present and settled in the UK – £1,500 to £2,000. 

EEA Applications (residence card as a family member of EEA national, retaining rights of residence as a family member after divorce or death, derivative residence card as a primary career, residence card as extended family members, EU Settlement scheme applications) – £700 to £1,200 

Extension of leave to remain in the UK (on all categories) – £1,500 to £2,000 

Application for UK work visas (Skilled Worker route) – £2,500 to £3,500 

Investors Visa – Hourly rate and levels of investments will determine our fees including the client status 

Others category:

Hourly rates will apply. In respect of advocacy fees, this will be a disbursement in your case and will be agreed with the barrister and paid in advance before we instruct one on your behalf.

What our service involves:

As we recognise that some clients may find it difficult to pay our fees at one go and to make things easy for our client, subject to mutual agreement with our clients, we may offer instalment payment plans. 

Our agreed fee covers all work relating to your matter including; 

Taking initial instructions 

Providing advice on which documents and information would be needed for your type of application 

Checking the support documents for the application/appeal 

Preparing the necessary application/appeal forms on your behalf 

Preparing representations in support of your application 

Sending the application form, representations and support evidence to the Home Office Representing the client at the tribunal hearings/appeals 

All communication between the Home Office and other agencies concerning your application/appeal until we receive a written decision in your matter. 

Please be advised that we will not issue any refund if you withdraw your instructions. 

Furthermore, please note that the prices quoted do not include monies due to third parties like the Immigration Health Surcharge, Home Office fee, Barrister’s fees… 

Clients will be responsible for paying the Home Office fees/appeal/court fees (Home Office fees vary depending on the type of the application and may be changes by them at anytime).

Time Estimate

It is difficult to estimate how long it will take before the Home Office can reach a decision in your matter. 

This will depend on a case by case and caseworker dealing with the application. 

However, we can only give a rough estimate that most straightforward cases can takes between 3 to 6 months for the Home Office to provide a decision, and complicated cases may take between 6 to 24 months for the Home Office to reach a decision.

Family matters

We provide legal representation and assistance in the areas of family law which covers a wide range of family matter issues including Divorce, Children, Contact Orders, Financial Arrangements, Litigation and other related family matters. Our fees range from £150 to £250 per hour + vat for contentious matters and in some cases, we offer fixed rates in less cumbersome divorce or family matters ranging between £500 to £1500. Our detailed client letters will confirm the specific fees including the disbursements and other expenses. In some instances, fees may also be agreed and fixed bespoke with the client needs in family matters. If you require more information on our fees, please do get in touch us.

Our miscellaneous rates

Affidavits/statutory declarations – depending on complexity – starting from £100 plus VAT 

 Simple Change of name Deed – £70 plus VAT 

 Look over and advise on employment settlement agreement/redundancy – from £400 + VAT

Our hourly rates are as follows:

Senior solicitors – £250 + vat an hour 

 Junior solicitor – £150 + vat per hour 

 Our fees vary across the type of legal service being provided. 

Furthermore, fees may also depend on the time it takes to do the work, and the experience of the solicitor involved. 

Please see below our pricing information in respect of the following areas of work. 

Miscellaneous and Hourly Rates
• Affidavit / Statutory Declaration - £100.00 

• Change of Name Deed - £50.00 

• Look over and advise on settlement agreement / voluntary redundancy - £500.00 

• Hourly Rate Senior Solicitor - £250.00 

• Hourly Rate Junior Solicitor - £150.00 

• Lasting Power of Attorney - £250.00 and £82 to register same with the Office of the Public Guardian (fee may be reduced or waved if on receipt of pension guaranteed credit or means tested benefits).

Immigration Fees

Our fees are as follows: 

• Leave and residence applications – £1,200.00 and Home Office fee 

• Indefinite Leave to Remain / Permanent Residence - £1,600.00 and Home Office fee 

• Naturalisation Application - £1,200.00 and Home Office fee 

• Application for replacement residence permits (Biometric Residence Permit replacement) - £500.00 and Home Office fee

• Spousal Visa (country) £1,000.00 and Home Office fee


Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as visa fees. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.

Normally, Interpreters fees are charged at £100 - £150 per hour (this may or may not exclude VAT).

Independent expert reports e.g. medical experts. These are not required in many cases: we will let you know as soon as possible if we consider an expert report is necessary.

If there is an interview and we do attend with you, there will be additional disbursements in respect of our mileage/travel expenses.

The costs of our fees quoted here do not include:

Any disbursements Home Office fees for making the application and the Immigration Health Surcharge if applicable, Tribunal and Court fees, barristers’ fees, expert report fees, interpreter/translation costs, our travel costs (if we have to travel outside our office on your behalf, for example to a Tribunal hearing or to the Home Office) and courier costs. You will pay these directly as part of the application process.

Where the Home Office refuse your application, advice, and assistance relating to any appeal.

For more information about Home Office fees, including the Immigration Health Surcharge, can be found HERE and HERE


We do not currently charge VAT on any of our fee as we are not registered for VAT.  However, VAT is normally charged at 20% unless specifically stated. Charging VAT in relation to immigration matters may depend on where you live and what immigration permission you have. We will confirm whether VAT (at a rate of 20%) is payable when you instruct us and we can work out if VAT is properly chargeable.

Some disbursements attract VAT and others do not. Whether a disbursement attracts VAT, depends on whether the organisation you have to pay is charging VAT, and we will inform you if that is the case. The rate of VAT is subject to change by the government, and the figure quoted is that which is currently applicable at 20%.

Immigration fee
The costs quoted here do not include:
• Any Home Office fees for making the application. You will pay this to the Home Office directly as part of the application process.
• Where the Home Office refuse your application, advice and assistance in relation to any appeal
• We have a high success rate which also depends on the merits of each case.

How long will my application take?
We cannot guarantee how long the Home Office will take to process your application. Please read the Home Office current processing times on their website, Home Office-GOV.UK. We will normally be able to submit this type of application within few days of you instructing us, but we will let you know at the earliest opportunity if it is likely to take longer than this. Please note the anticipated number of hours and fees are an estimate based on the facts above. All applications are likely to vary and of course, we can give you a more accurate estimate once we have more information about your specific case.

Conduct of your case
Our immigration team is made up of Solicitors (with 3 to 8 years' experience). The team is supervised by a Managing Member who has over 10 years' experience working in immigration matters.

What Services are included
The work will involve:
• discussing your circumstances in detail and confirming whether this is the most appropriate application for you to make and what other options may be available to you.
• giving you advice about the requirements of the Immigration Rules and whether you meet the criteria.
• if you do not fulfil certain criteria, whether this can be overcome and how, which on average takes 2 hours.
• considering the supporting evidence, you have provided, which we anticipate will take 2 to 3 hours.
• where necessary, helping you obtain further evidence (such as medical records and bank statements), including taking statements of any witnesses.
• preparing your application and submitting it on your behalf, which we anticipate will take 2 hours.
• Attendance at a Home Office interview: if the Home Office ask you to attend an interview, we will give you clear advice (and discuss the possibility of us attending with you) at the appropriate time. This could be between 2 and 3 hours of work.
• giving you advice about the outcome of the application and any further steps you need to take.

* Reporting to you on progress of the application until a decision is made
*The number of hours depends on the number of documents, whether they need to be translated, whether anything is missing and how long it will take to obtain the missing documents Disbursements (not included in costs set out above):