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Equal Opportunity
J F Batula Solicitors is an equal opportunities employer and service provider. We oppose discrimination on the basis of gender, marital status, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, nationality, full time or part time employment, religion, belief, sexuality, physical challenge, mental health or age. We do not allow discrimination, harassment or victimisation. We strive to ensure that no one within our firm, our client base and stakeholders is treated less favourably than another as a result of discriminatory acts or omissions. J F Batula Solicitor does not set requirements that have an adverse effect on a particular group or groups. If anyone (client, supplier, employee or outsider) alleges that a J F Batula Solicitors member of staff has acted contrary to our policy, we will investigate.

We monitor the composition of existing staff and of applicants for jobs. Although it is unlawful for us to positively discriminate on the grounds of race or gender, we try to enable greater representation of underrepresented groups within all sections of the firm’s employees.

We comply with all relevant legislation.